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Think of the Green Tea Gallery as a small gallery in Soho, New York City. Imagine a cold winter afternoon, outside it’s gray and rainy, inside the gallery a warm atmosphere, with the waxed floors, the white walls covered with beautiful pictures. This virtual gallery opens it’s doors with what we consider to be some of the best artists from all over the world on Flickr.

At the Green Tea Virtual Gallery we don’t focus on a particular genre or a style. We simply like beauty. You will find a mysterious portrait next to a dreamy landscape, the picture of child running barefoot on the beach next to a intriguing still life…

Once you become a member photographer of the gallery you will be able to submit pictures to be posted on the virtual walls of the gallery. Just remember that, in order to preserve the level of quality that we strive for, the pool moderation is and will always be active.

Francesco Gallarotti — founder and manager of the Green Tea Gallery


The Green Tea Gallery was born on a hot summer night of 2007 when, after spending way too many evenings on Flickr browsing through so many beautiful artworks by so many talented artists from all over the world, I decided to give back to the community by creating a virtual space to collect some of my favorite images.

Unlike many other Flickr groups, the Green Tea Gallery didn’t focus neither on a particular photographic style nor on a particular theme. It didn’t require its members to comment on other people’s pictures nor tried to involve them in useless contests. From the day the gallery opened its virtual doors to the world, the focus was the aesthetic value of its images and, for this reason, I paid great attention to the screening of the images to the group pool.

About a year later, in the late spring of 2008, this companion website was opened with the idea of collecting some of the best images of the pool and publishing interviews to some of the most talented members of the Green Tea Gallery. The final goal was to publish an actual magazine, printed on demand. By fall 2008, already months in the editing process of the first issue of the magazine, with about half of the pages ready to be printed, I realized that unfortunately the administrative side of the project was interfering with my private and work life and I had to pull the plug on the entire project.

Today, about a year later, inspired by many encouraging messages and having learned from my mistakes during the first Green Tea Gallery Magazine project, I am re-launching this website with a completely new model: less words and more images. A much simpler and more streamlined workflow this time should allow me to be able to make this project a success without disrupting my private and work life.

Posted by Francesco Gallarotti, photo editor and content editor of the Green Tea Gallery Magazine.


The First Issue of the Green Tea Gallery Magazine

By Francesco Gallarotti ⋅ December 8, 2007 

Green Tea Gallery magazine - spring 2008 issue 1 - new cover/

The Green Tea Gallery magazine is a project that wants to promote and publish some of the greatest photographers that have joined the gallery since its opening. This project is entirely no-profit. The magazine will be available in two different formats:
-a free lo-res PDF will be downloadable from this website;
- a printed copy will be distributed through at printing+shipping costs.

The latest news from is that they now finally print also from Switzerland and they ship from there to any European and Asian location. Check out their websitefor more information about shipping and pricing.

After a few early different designs that were all based upon a square format, I decided to change the magazine format to a more standard 8″×10″ format. The number of pages should end up to be around 100-120 pages and it will be published in a soft-cover version.

After I started editing the inside of the magazine in the new format I realized that the old cover would have been strongly compromised by the new format. Here you can see the new cover, which is a dreamy portrait made by the incredible Japanese photographer Shinji Watanabe.

We are going to feature some very talented artists. Among them:

Shinji Watanabe:
No para Innita:
Jingna Zhang:
Vanessa Karol Thomz:
Tim Gallo:
Irene Antonopoulos:
Luke Copping:
Gary Isaacs:

There will also be a few articles on photography techniques and a showcase of some of the most beautiful images chosen from the gallery Flickr pool.

Here are a few of the pages that are already in the final phases of design… Come back often to this page for a sneak preview of some other new pages!




  • Well, I guess the news is pretty obvious since you are right in front of it... Yes, we have an entirely redesigned new website! I simply couldn't stand the amateurish look of the blog we used to have before. Thanks to Arun Kale for the beautiful magazine wordpress skin "The morning after". 
  • On December 9th, 2006 my father passed away and I would like to use a little space on this home page to remember him. Everything I do is a tribute to his life and the Green Tea Gallery is just another project dedicated to him. I hope you like it, dad! 




2009 NEWS


  • Cross country adventure ◊ Tomorrow I will start a cross country road trip from New York City to San Francisco. For this reason there will be no updates for a few weeks. But don't worry! As soon as I return I have already a few artists ready to contribute with some outstanding work! If you'd like, you can follow my adventure on my cross country blog.
  • The 2009 Photoblog Awards ◊ We have submitted the Green Tea Gallery Magazine photoblog to the 2009 Photoblog Awards! If you want to see this photoblog win, please follow this link to vote (registration is required)!
  • How to… ◊ Tonight we published a page to explain how to submit your images for publication to the photoblog and how to submit your photo essays for consideration. Check it out and participate actively to the Green Tea Gallery Magazine by having your own work published!
  • First Photo Essay ◊ This weekend we completed the integration between Wordpress and the beautiful Flash image viewer Autoviewer by Airtight Interactive. In order to show how photo essays will look, we posted a short photo essay by Francesco Gallarotti. Check it out!
  • The Logo ◊ Michel D'Anastasio is the author of the Green Tea Gallery logo. I fell in love with Michel's work a long time ago. He is an artist like no other and his use of calligraphic form to express spirituality and nostalgic emotion is impressive and touching. His color palette is rich and diverse with pristine clarity with forms which come straight from the soul. His relationship with inks and colors is so intense that every stroke is like a poem. Don't miss the opportunity to visit his website!
  • The History of the Green Tea Gallery ◊ Today we published a brief history of the Green Tea Gallery, for now posted on the front page of the magazine, later it might be moved in the About section.
  • Submit your Images Today! ◊ We look forward to receiving your submissions to the Green Tea Gallery Magazine's photoblog! For more details on the simple submission process, please take a look at this post on the GTG Flickr group. Submissions are open to all the members of the Green Tea Gallery main group and the sister group Green Tea Gallery - Hasselblad Edition.
  • New Website Design ◊ The new design is pretty much finished! The main website is powered by Wordpress with a custom theme based upon The Morning After by Arun Kale. The photoblog is powered by PixelPost with a custom template based upon The World in 35mm by Joe Roback.


Winter in Long Island
by Francesco Gallarotti

Long Island is located just east of Manhattan, stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean. It’s the longest (you guessed it) and the largest island in the contiguous United States, and has an estimated population of 7.7 million which makes it the most populated island in any U.S. state or territory.

Nonetheless, I feel like Long Island is not very well known at all. New Yorkers tend to think of Long Island as suburbia and as their backyard beach. The rest of the world doesn’t seem to pay much attention to this large and highly populated island. Most of the tourists that go to visit New York City (most of them landing at JFK airport, which is technically located on Long Island) probably don’t even know the existence of Long Island.

This photo essay wants to pay tribute to the unknown beauty of Long Island in the winter, when the temperatures fall below the freezing point and the frigid winds coming from the north leave only the seagulls on the empty beaches.

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